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...Making learning and technology easy, accessible, affordable and available for everyone


Special Learning Needs Consultant [SLNC] is a resource center for persons with disabilities. We provide information and communication technology education, materials and equipment to persons with various disabilities (visual, hearing and physical impairments, as well as learning and intellectual disabilities) at affordable prices. With various human capacity development projects as well as affordable and easy-to-use assistive technology devices, we provide such persons with a master key with which to unlock the golden gates of ICT.

We work hand-in-hand with other like-minded groups and organizations in making concerted efforts to break the barriers preventing persons with disabilities from venturing into the world of information and communication technology and utilizing its wealth of advantages to solve everyday problems alongside their able-bodied peers.

Our core values include:
  • Integrity: A reputation for selfless, first-class service to all clients with disabilities as well as members of the general public seeking information, education and awareness on issues relating to persons with disabilities;
  • Quality: High-class equipment and materials to enhance utilization and manipulation of information and communication technology by persons with various disabilities;
  • Creativity: Thinking up new, modern and sophisticated ways through which persons with disabilities can utilize and manipulate information and communication technology tools in the attempt to meet up with and find solutions to the problems of everyday life; and
  • Innovation: Making those ideas into real, tangible, affordable and easy-to-use tools, materials and equipment as solutions to the problems of everyday life as a person with disabilities in a generalized and ever-changing society.

SLNC is a clinic to which you can bring all the health problems relating to the utilization and manipulation of ICT for everyday life by persons with disabilities. Bring us the problems, we will gladly take them all and give you powerful medications and efficient solutions to take away with big, satisfied smiles!


At Special Learning Needs Consultant, our services cut across different spheres of human endeavour; which also give access to everyone to benefit from regardless his or her status, race, location and/or otherwise. This means both people with disabilities and the so called normal people are targets of our services. The services render include:

  • Information and communication technology
  • Educational and training services
  • Curriculum development
  • Counselling services
  • Procurement and project management
  • Production of accessible materials
  • Sales of specialized materials for people with disabilities.


Newer and better is our programmes and clients everyday. They are qualitative and skillfully designed and package for professionalism. These are in accordance with the philosophy of special needs education and goals of SDG with the full cognizance of the current trend in the ever changing world.

The priority we give to our clients' comprehension, satisfaction and convenience results to the flexibility of our programmes. In other words, there's room for any of our client to choose any programme and instructional pattern such as:

  • Community based instruction:
    This is a process whereby our group of experts go to other agencies, organisations and communities to render services to them rather than coming to our centre.
  • Classroom based instruction:
    This is a process whereby a client comes to our training and diagnostic centre to obtain our services and programmes.
  • Home based instruction:
    This is an individualistic type of instruction that permits a client to remain in his or her home while our expert visits him or her for the purpose of rendering services.
  • Distant learning:
    This is also an individualistic type of instructional pattern that permits a client to remain in his or her home rather than coming to our centre. But this pattern does not permit our experts to render home services to client. However, a client has a full control of his programme to determine when to start and end.

Please click any of the links below to know more about various programmes we offer before applying for any.


Our Projects so far

Nature has made us to live and be where we are, so it is necessary to help humanity. Hence, we are following this philosophy in relation to our mission and vision as an outstanding organisation with the vast cognizance of the nitty gritty of persons with disabilities and all round empowerment of same people for life fulfilment.

Outlined below are projects in this direction:

  • Development of an inclusive banking system within a cashless society in Nigeria.
  • Ensuring that 95% of Nigerians with visual impairment are computer literate by 2025.
  • Extending our services to cover other African countries.
  • Acquiring more buildings for our operations such as production, information and technology, training, etc. as well as hostels.
  • Updating clients with recent information and development in ICT.
  • Creating more platform and forum for inclusive training.

Achieving this project is possible through our collective responsibilities. You too can key into this laudable projects by supporting us.