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Written by Olufemi S.A. Bayode on 08 Jul 2020 @ 12:35:59 with comments


Take a walk around your city and check offices, schools, churches, supermarkets, you’ll realize that every mind bends towards a smarter way of doing things; and computer plays a key role in this area. It accords all and sundry effectiveness and productivity with great precision.

Literacy in computer is the roadmap to enjoying benefits of information and computer technology. It is described as the demonstration of theoretical and practical knowledge and skills of computer. Many people who desire to be computer literate are being retarded by myths, fear, and unobtainable information amongst other issues. Therefore, this post stands to savage the situation. It tells you things you must do to begin and get going with computer literacy.

  1. You don’t need to know more about the computer before you begin with its use.
  2. Get to know some basic safety tips to help you care for your computer.
  3. Learn at your spare time, and let it be enjoyable, comfortable and convenient for your strength.
  4. Make sure you build a solid foundation for your computer literacy by the sound mastery of the basic skills before graduating to the advance skilled area. This aids transfer of learning to overcome challenges in other areas.
  5. Stay calm. If something isn’t working correctly or has gone wrong, step back, take a moment to collect your thoughts before you go back to the computer. Things will usually look up if you are no longer working to overcome your frustration and tension.
  6. Maintain a good posture and sitting position while using the computer system. Make sure your screen is straight in front of you, keep the keyboard and your chair at the proper elevation for your height. Endeavour to take short breaks when working for a long periods on the computer.
  7. Learn at your own pace without bothering about the learning rate of others. Individual differences exist in computer literacy. You’re not dumb for being a slow learner. Consistent practice will make you better every day.
  8. Accuracy must be considered before speed.
  9. Don’t limit yourself to the little you’ve known. Aspire to know more about computer skills.
  10. Invest in yourself with your time and resources if your decision is to become the next Bill Gate.
  11. Make your everyday life a learning opportunity.
  12. Don’t be overwhelmed when difficulties abound, they are parts of learning. Note them because they will form part of your experience.
  13. Anyone can be your teacher because nobody knows it all. So, learn from anyone, anywhere and anytime.
  14. The amount of software installed on your computer system doesn’t make you a guru rather it’s your ability to use them effectively.
  15. Don’t cluster your computer system with many software installation. Thus, install those you use regularly to avoid redundancy of the operating system. This might constitute problem for your computer system.
  16. Impossibilities and difficulties exist in the journey of computer literacy for persons with visual impairment. However, don’t tag any area or skill unlearnable without trying different strategies of overcoming it. You can also consult other people who are more knowledgeable.
  17. Seek knowledge and share it. Anyone who doesn’t teach others what he or she knows will not go far in this journey of computer literacy. This type of person will be irrelevant and forgotten soon.
  18. Appreciate people for every little knowledge you gain through them. This will surely spur them to do more for you.

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Time Uploaded: 08 Jul 2020 @ 12:35:59

Author: Olufemi S.A. Bayode