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Written by Olufemi S. A. Bayode on 05 Aug 2020 @ 13:02:48 with comments


A big thanks for your likes, tweets and comments as well as shares, which enable other people benefit from the tips and tutorials I post on this platform. You are such an amazing person for helping people discover and impact the world around them. Do keep keeping on with the kind gestures. I believe with you our community will stride to keep up with advancement in technology in this ever changing world.

I want to welcome every computer starter and individuals who have switched to the NVDA screen reader to haven of sweet computer experience. Believe when I tell you: “you made the right choice!” Although, it is observed that getting use to the NVDA screen reader as a new comer or former JAWS user may be somehow tasking, despite the fact that the two screen readers have almost all their hot keys alike. The first thing to contend with is the voice and other feedbacks, nevertheless, there’s a walk-around everything you admire in JAWS with the NVDA add-ons. In a nut shell, you can configure your NVDA screen reader to behave like JAWS, and even get more from it. Here are five of these add-ons to consider first:

    This add-on provides the same voice feedback and quality like the default JAWS Eloquence synthesizer. It helps you do away with the default eSpeak NG, Windows OneCore voices or Microsoft Speech API which aren’t cool and appealing to the ear. You need to switch to the ETI Eloquence through the NVDA menu > Preferences submenu to use this synthesizer after the add-on’s installation. In case you desire something like Real Speak Solo Direct or Vocalizer Voices which are human-like voices, you need to opt for Nuance Vocalizer add-on for NVDA.
    This add-on equips NVDA screen reader with clipboard information speaking functionality. For instance, when you press the keystroke CONTROL+C, NVDA will say “copy text” automatically. This ability is absent in NVDA by default. This add-on needs no configuration or hot key to function after installation. Highlight and use the Clipboard as you like while NVDA echoes what you do.
    This allows you to connect to another computer system running NVDA anywhere at any time. This is an equivalent of JAWS Tandom. The connection facilitates problem diagnoses, routine maintenance, troubleshooting purposes, or training by a professional or expert. There’s no need to travel or transport your computer system somewhere else to have any of the afore mentioned things done when you’ve installed the add-on. You can connect to another person's computer, or allow a trusted individual to connect to yours. Please, get the NVDA User guide on our resources page for more information, or visit here to listen to the demonstration.
    Are you cool with using the JAWS key+F11 to bring up your System Tray list without going to the notification area with the keystroke WINDOWS key+B? Then, SysTrayList is here for you with the same keystroke you are used to with JAWS. This offers more than JAWS because you can easily right click, left click and even double click on any item listed here for specific action or menu. Press the keystroke NVDA key+F11 to bring up the list of items on your System Tray. Scroll to any of them with the UP or DOWN ARROW key. Press the TAB key or SHIFT+TAB key to cycle around: Left click, double left click, right click and cancel. Then, activate any with the ENTER key.
    This is designed to give you tips daily on using NVDA screen reader. It takes you through the entire NVDA user guide, or a kind of computer get started with NVDA tutorial. It covers beginner, intermediate and advanced skilled level. You can decide what and when you want the tips via NVDA Menu > Preferences > Tip of the Day. But I will advise you to choose beginner to always have the tips any time you boot the computer system or the NVDA screen reader. Press the TAB key to cycle around the controls such as Forward, Back and Close in the opened window. Then, activate any with the SPACE BAR or ENTER key.

I strongly believe that you’ve not forgotten the one-stop for every save, credible, tested and trusted NVDA add-ons: Don’t dull!

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Time Uploaded: 05 Aug 2020 @ 13:02:48

Author: Olufemi S. A. Bayode