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Written by Olufemi S.A. Bayode on 09 Jul 2020 @ 12:50:35 with comments


Persons with visual impairment are disadvantaged in information access for years. This relegated them to the background in all sphere of human endeavor in the society. Achievement scale always have about 90% of them at the bottom in education, economy, socialization and so forth. The few above the rare attain the position amidst struggle, difficulty and asperity. However, this had changed in recent times; thanks to information and communication technology with the support of assistive technology.

There are lots of IT solutions and devices to choose from to surmount problems emanating from visual loss today. This could be firmware, hardware or software solution including wearable devices, implant chips, standalone solution, online based resources, robot helper just to mention few. They are tailored to perform tasks in one area or another. They allot both sighted and non-sighted persons equal opportunity to access information. For example, reading of screen content “sighted/vision or sight vs. non-sighted/screen reader.” Both persons have the same experience although acquired differently.

Eye device otherwise called Eye-d is a unique android mobile application developed by GingerMind Technology. It functions as the eye of the blind persons to see objects in his/her surrounding, read prints, navigate safely and identify his/her location and other places. This mobile app is developed to propel persons with visual impairment into maximum productivity, increased efficiency at home, work and society by enhancing their capacity for independence. For instance, the mobile app can guide you to a shopping mall; and also help you read every label or text on any item without the sighted assistance. Its awesomeness bridges the gap created by visual impairment. Check more about how it works on:

Its fascinating image recognition feature on WhatsApp is a barrier breaker. Before discovering this app, I for one like every blind person hates receiving pictures on WhatsApp without descriptive text or caption to explain their contents. You know that it’s frustrating to keep receiving such unsolicited images you depend on sighted help to view, meanwhile, you are turned down sometimes by these helpers. These becomes garbage and occupies your phone memory. Therefore, you’re tempestuous and detest such items. In fact, I’m a member of some WhatsApp groups where pictures are forbidden by the blind members because of this same fact. Thus, today’s good news is that Eye-d image recognition feature had changed everything. You can see the content of any picture sent to you on WhatsApp. Here’s how:

  1. Double tap the picture or image to download it.
  2. Long press the picture or image which displays as “open button”
  3. Double tap “share” which is at the top of the screen.
  4. Swipe to “Eye-d image recognition” and double tap it.
  5. Swipe forward to hear the description of the image read to you. This include objects and text if any. Then, you can talk about the content of the image like anyone.

Consequent upon this discovery, I believe that you are ready to open the Google Play Store to download the application. It’s easy to use for daily task to enjoy quality life. You may also want to reset your phone “WhatsApp/settings/data usage/media auto download to download images automatically. Someone needs to discover this magic also. Please, do well to share this post with others by using the share button.

Time Uploaded: 09 Jul 2020 @ 12:50:35

Author: Olufemi S.A. Bayode