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Written by Olufemi S. A. Bayode on 02 Aug 2020 @ 22:53:27 with comments


Place marker is one unique feature that makes browsing through documents, interacting with web pages and accessing information through different word processing applications and text editors fascinating because it opens screen reader users to a new opportunity of getting things done quickly, easily and more efficiently. This place marker enables marking of particular portion of text; save or search for particular string of text in a document for the purpose of returning to it later or specific adjustment. This may be used online (on the internet) or offline; within documents such as Microsoft Office Word, HTML (web pages) PDF and other word processing applications. As a matter of fact, this is a feature that made me stick to using JAWS for months despite having NVDA as my primary screen reader. However, that was then because immediately I discovered this awesome feature in my cool NVDA screen reader, you can guess what happened to the JAWS screen reader on my PC. :-D

The NVDA screen reader offers temporary place marker and permanent place marker. The temporary place marker is part of the installed and portable copy of the NVDA screen reader. It allows you to highlight specific portion of a document and copy it to the clipboard. NVDA KEY+F9 and NVDA key+F10 are the two keystrokes used for the temporary place marker. The NVDA key+F9 is used to set the start of the marking position while the NVDA key+F10 performs selection of text from the current position to the start mark; and if pressed twice quickly, it copies the highlighted text to the clipboard instantly. For example, if I want to highlight and copy the first twenty words of the first paragraph of this article, I’ll press the keystroke NVDA key+F9 on letter P that begins “place”; then move to the space between “different” and “word” and then press the keystroke NVDA key+F10 twice quickly. Click here to watch and listen to the demonstration.
This feature is tagged temporary because the marked position disappear whenever you leave the document.

The permanent place marker in NVDA enhances access to information in web pages, pdf files and other word documents in more efficient, faster and easier manner. It relies on the power of NVDA Add-on called Place Marker. It aids saving and searching text string for quicker navigation. This is liken to bookmarking in Microsoft Office Word but its function and use encompasses what is embedded in bookmark feature of Microsoft Office suite. The intriguing part of it all is that every stored or marked position remains in the document regardless closing or leaving it until one deletes it. It also allows marking of multiple place in a document and different web pages.
Check here for full demonstration with the NVDA screen reader.


Time Uploaded: 02 Aug 2020 @ 22:53:27

Author: Olufemi S. A. Bayode