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Olufemi S.A. Bayode on July 13, 2019 with comments

A website is a collection of interconnected HTML documents or related pages. It comprises information on these linked pages and contents which are viewed through a web browsers. It is a place where information supplied on the internet by an individual or organization can be viewed, obtained or shared. Also, a website may be described as a house with many rooms as web pages. It is a virtual office, institution, shop, or house of individual and groups on the internet where you can meet and interact with them; nevertheless, some websites like Face Book, Twitter, LinkedIn and Jumia are avenue to people to meet and interact with other individual rather than the web owners.

A website makes available and gives access to whatever information and content the owner of the website wants the whole world to see and obtain in like manner. The content and information on a particular website may be text or graphics. It might also include video, audio, scripts, applications and so on. In order to view or obtain anything from any website, you must have a web browser, internet connection and as well have the website address.

The main page of a website is called Home page, or technically called index page. It is the first page that opens when you enter a web address. Web designers and developers dedicate this page to momentous info and links, and concise master piece of a content developer to make people click a link and remain on the website glows from this very page through out the entire web pages that make up the website. Other web pages may include contact information and contents based on the goal and objectives of the web owner.

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