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PHP in 24 Hours Matt Zandstra Programming This tutorial has changed impossibility to possiblity for you. Learn PHP in just twenty-four hours and begin your excelling in database programming and today's web development. 2 MB Download
Teach Yourself HTML, CSS AND JSS Julie C. Meloni Programming This is three in one manual for learning web design. It comprises HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is self sufficient to get you started with web coding and designing. 19 MB Download
Teach Yourself PHP, MySQL and Apache Jullie C. Melloni Programming This is another three in one manual for learners of database management system. This manual comprises PHP, MySql and Apache. It features beginner and intermediate skills of creating database, data storage and management. Download the manual to learn and become a professional. 12 MB Download
Complete Guide for Windows Narrator Microsoft Computer and technology This tutorial is for the screen reader users. It exposes users to the workings and use of the Windows inbuilt screen reader (narrator) for word processing, browsing, navigation and much more. 91 KB Download
Keystrokes for Audacity Olufemi S.A. Bayode Sound and Audio This file comprises the list of keystrokes used by the Audacity sound recording and editting software. 15 KB Download
How to Make Eloquence Sing Severestorm Steve Computer tricks Have fun; expand your skills by making your screen reader with the Eloquence synthesizer sing for you. Any song at all is possible with you with the help of this guide. 19 KB Download
C++ Stanley B. Lippman, Josée Lajoie Computer programming This is a favourite book on the C++ programming language. It has improved vertion of the latest on the C++ language, stressing the built-in language features of the C++ Standard Library. For this new version - weighing in at a massive 1,237 pages - Stanley Lippman, a well-known C++ expert, teams up with Josée Lajoie, who has helped define the C++ international language standard. The new material is excellent for programmers. You may check it out. 2 MB Download
Python Tutorials Point Computer programming Python is a general-purpose, interpreted, interactive, object-oriented and high-level programming language. It's used in the development of different web and desktop based applications. This tutorial has been designed for software programmers with a need to understand the Python programming language starting from scratch. This tutorial will give you enough understanding on Python programming language from where you can take yourself to a higher level of expertise. 21 MB Download
Teach Yourself JavaScript in 24 hours Michael Moncur Computer programming This book makes a great introduction into programming. It requires a very little knowledge to start programming in JavaScript. Now is the time to add more interactive features to your website. 5 MB Download
Complete Ultimate Guide for NVDA Users NV Access Computer and technology How much do you know about the screen reader called None Visual Desktop Access, NVDA? This manual is a tool to help you benefit maximally from the use of this screen reader. You computer experience is striding to the next level! 18 KB Download
Windows Live Mail Guide David Bailes Internet This manual is written for the users of JAWS screen reader on Windows7 machine. It intimates users the technical know how of this Email client for Windows. The joy is that you don't need to be a pro to use this manual. 172 KB Download
Windows Media Player 11 David Bailes Sound and audio Understand and explore the full feature of the Window Media Player. 105 KB Download
Adobe Photo Shop Scott Kelby Graphics Your journey as paparazzi begins with this manual. Snap pictures, edit, add different effects to them and make them outstanding with the powerful features embedded in the Adobe Photo Shop. 35 MB Download
Corel Draw Graphic Suite Corel Corporation Graphics Learn and do it yourself: different cards, logo, letter head papers, banners, posters, etc. 17 MB Download
Java Programming H. M. Deitel Computer programming Learn everything about JAVA programming with this self-guide manual. It’s all you need to develop your own software and flex your techno muscle. 39 MB Download
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Installing Windows OS with NVDA Screen Reader Access Television Software Engineering Have you ever thought of the possibility of a blind person formatting a computer system by installing a Windows operating system? Your answer is right here. You can learn the procedure and have it done with or without sight. 43 MB Download
Getting Started with VoiceOver on MAC Cool Blind Tech Computer and Technology VoiceOver is a Screen reader for MAC Os. It helps to read aloud the screen content to persons with visual impairment. This tutorial teaches how to set it up and more. 13 MB Download
Setting Up Microsoft Narrator to Work with Braille Display Microsoft Help Computer and Technology The Microsoft Narrator support for refreshable braille display is demonstrated in this audio. Learn the process of setting it up with connected braille display. This is just a way of telling you that the Naraator on your Windows10 is enough to make you use your PC independent of this costly screen readers 2 MB Download
MySQL Database with JAWS Access Television Database Management Working with MySQL is made easy with JAWS. Creating your database is made simple. Download and listen to this tutorial 17 MB Download
Transfer Files with FTP Server PC to Phone Pradip Sikdar Computer and technology This tutorial shows you the trick of sending files from your mobile phone to your PC without USB cable. It explores the power of FTP Server android application for the task. 13 MB Download
Excel Formula Amy Snow Microsoft Office Suite The Microsoft Office Excel makes calculation and analysis of data easier through the different formula and functions fashioned into it. You can convinently perform mathematical calculation, logical operation financial function and many more. Learn about these in this audio. 17 MB Download
Excel with Screen Reader Amy Snow Microsoft Office Suite Get to know the basic settings for the Microsoft Office Excel. 8 MB Download
Making a Homework or Assignment Planner with JAWS ScreenReader in Microsoft ExcelChris Rose Microsoft Office Suite Data entry and record keeping are parts of the spread sheet use. Learn the way of creating a simple record plan with the Microsoft Office Excel with this tutorial 5 MB Download
Get Started with Narrator Screen Reader in Windows 10 Microsoft Helps Computer and technology The Narrator is a built-in-screen reader for Microsoft Windows. It helps users with visual impairment to operate the computer system independently. Download and listen to this audio to learn how 7 MB Download
Making Use of the Videoder Application Junaid Ahmed Emmanuel Android mobile The Videoder application enables you download video from any website into your device. It doesn't matter if there's download button or link on the website or not. Just get the URL of the video and let Videoder do the rest for you. 16 MB Download
How to Use Siri Shortcut Thomas Domville iOS mobile This tutorial takes you through the basic and intermediate level of setting up and configuring shortcuts for Siri. 95 MB Download
Office 365 with JAWS Dr. Denise M Robinson Internet Learn how to navigate your way around the Office 365 and accessing sharepoint files with the JAWS screen reader. 17 MB Download
Using the Focus 40 with IOS device Freedom Scientific Computer technology Listen to the demonstration to appreciate the uniqueness of the Focus 40 blue braille display. Learn how to connect it with your iPhone and other iOS devices. 5 MB Download
Using NCH KeyGen Olufemi S.A. Bayode Computer, tricks and hacks The NCH keygen is used for bypassing a software protection. It gives the privilege to use a software for free with all its full features. Listen to this audio to learn how to license any of your NCH software. 9 MB Download
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Place Marker Place Marker is one feature that makes me stick to using jaws for months despite having NVDA as my primary screen reader because it makes research on the internet a lot easier for me. But that was then because the fanstastic feature is in my cool NVDA screen reader. This feature that enables you mark portion of text; save or search for particular string of text in a document for the purpose of returning to it later or specific adjustment. This may be used on the internet, word document or html related files. Learn about the awesomeness of this feature in NVDA screen reader and how you can use it in your everyday computer use. Click here
Quicker Way of Navigating through Table on the Internet with NVDA Screen Reader Navigating through table on the internet may be overwhelming at times most especially dealing with a long list of table. The solution is here with you in the awesome NVDA screen reader. The trick and the techniques are in this video. Click here
PowerPoint with Screen Rea Watch this Microsoft get started video for PowerPoint from the screen reader point of view. It is produced for both JAWS and NVDA screen reader. It covers Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. Learn how to read presentation, create, edit, format and much more from this video. Click here.
How to Download Images or Pictures from the Internet If you need the tips and tricks of downloading image and picture from any website on the internet, then watch this educating video. It opens your eyes to doing it independently, easily and gracefully. Click here
How to Transfer File with Xender App (Phone/PC) Xender as an android application enhances transfer of files of different types and sizes from phone to PC and from PC to phone at vice versa. It's faster and more secured than the blue tooth. Learn the procedure to join the group of people who do things the smarter way. Click here
How to Add an App to WishList Using App WishList and VoiceOver Hello dear apple fans and fellow voiceover users; listen to Arvind Singh Brar's demonstration showing you; how to add apps to the wishlist; using the WishList app; to get notifications; whenever an app drops in price; now; you'll always be in the know; the best time; to purchase that very needed app; without having to frequently check the AppStore; Click here
Upload More than 30 sec Video for Your WhatsApp Status Watch and Listen to the blind genius take you through the trick of using more than the 30 seconds approved video for WhatsApps status on Android mobile Click here
Activating Microsoft Office Suite Product with Tool Kit Microsoft Office Tool Kit helps to reactivate your Microsoft Office Suite Product such as Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, etc. It stops the prompt for failed activation on your screen, and gives you privilege to use the full feature of office. Click here
How to Download Videos with Videoder Application on PC Say goodbye to inability to download videos from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other websites. Learn how you can employ the Videoder application for your multimedia downloads. Click here
Noise Cancilation with Audacity Audacity is a simple but powerful sound recording and editting software. Watch, listen and learn the tricks of removing unwanted background noise from any audio usign the software Cllick here
Training the trainer This video exposes you to the techniques of teaching the blind how to operate the computer. The basic tip a tutor need to know about navigation. Click here


Share Free Book Do you have any book that you will like other people to read or have? This website gives you the privilege to upload those books for free for others to benefit from your kind gensture. You also have the opportunity to download books from the site for free. Click here
Coolhappenings This is one-stop for all your tutorials and materials for computer and mobile devices as far as persons with visual impairment is concerned. Just click the link to open up the flood gate of knowledge for you and your clients. Click here
Planet Ebook Download different literature text for any of your devices free of charge. Click here
Many Books Just as the name implies, you can download more than 29,000 free e-books at your fingertips from this site. They're compatible with iPad, Kindles and most e-book readers. Also you have the freedom to browse for your choice of book by language, popular titles, authour, recent reviews, genres and more. Click here
English Audio and Ebooks Browse through this Ebook library for interesting English titles in audio, mobil, pdf and more. Listen or download from the various genres like novel, spy, documentary, thriller, etc. Click here
Audio Described Movie Enjoy over 1000 audio described movies for the blind. No payment; no registration; it’s simply free for download. Click here
Audio games This is the home of accessible games for the blind and visually impaired. Your sight loss will no longer deprive you the joy of playing the PC game of your choice. Click here
BBC Sound Effect Library Sound effects give life to your audio and creativity. Get every sound effects you need for your podcasts, audio, games, drama and many more for free. Click here
BHP software pool Dive into the software pool of the Blind Help and download the latest software for your PC and mobile phone. Click here
Udemy Udemy offers a wide range of courses which cut across various sphere of human endeavours. Your certification is sure at the completion of your course. Click here

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